The Mango Project features production by Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, and features the work of the incredible, Wyclef Jean, Arden Altino, Quincy Tones, AC, and DJ Buddha. Mango is an eclectic and electric collection that reflects Angela’s past, present and future.

Making Mango was a “journey of honesty” says Angela. “It’s the beginning of an open and honest book that now opened, is nothing but methodical.” Angela says. “This is me, not listening to anyone but my own gut. It excites me because it’s something I didn’t get to do. I feel like ‘Hi, nice to meet you, finally.’ I’m being introduced for the first time.”

The lead-off single, “Me,” is all confidence, with a progressive sound and global feel.

Focus and fire is evident throughout Mango. Just take a listen to “Brooklyn’s On Fire,” produced by TK. “I wrote a song about NY, but I had to write a song about Brooklyn,” says Angela.

Another standout track is “Wallo,” produced by Angela’s long time friend Jerry Wonda. The song, which is built on a lively Zouk/Haitian beat is reflective of the joy Angela brings to her music.

A different energy fuels “All I Need.” Floating on a timeless Philly soul vibe, “All I Need” is a testament to faith and shoutout to the gospel singers Angela loved as a young girl.

If you didn’t know Angela Hunte before, there’s no better point of entry than, Mango. Ask the woman behind the album what she wants people to hear, and Angela speaks from the heart. “I want someone to walk away feeling some sort of emotion. I do not care what that emotion is but please don’t say, yeah, it was cool. I want to be either the higher or the lower. You know when you just find something and you’re like I can’t wait to hear more? That’s what I want people to experience.”

“Mango“ feat. Wyclef Jean


“Better w/o Me“


“Bklyn on Fire“

“Wantie Wantie“

“That Cry“


“All I Need“

"King & Queen Remix"
feat. Tarrus Riley