Truth And The Unveiling Of Emotions.

When I make music for myself it’s such a different process than when I’m in the room with other people doing it for them. My writing always comes from an artist's point of view because that's what I set out to be.

"Mango is a project that I’ve kept in my head for a very long time."

I began to unravel my life in a way that I had never done before reflecting on past relationships and why they failed and toxic friendships I had to abandoned and just start over. And to me that was okay, you live you learn you let go.

Whether it’s the brutally honest, “Better“, when the vulnerability is at the highest level admitting to your partner maybe it’s all just me and if I remove myself we’d finally be happy. Or, “That cry“, where I have finally decided on that night that cry will never happen again. And the zouk power song featuring “Wyclef“ expressing our love for mango and how we refer to it as being the sweet, colorful and strong symbol for us.

It’s was the beginning of the truth the unveiling of emotions I had bottled inside for a very long time.

Drums call out to me all the time. Melodies dance around me when I’m just walking down the street I had no idea how to put it together, to fuse all these sounds from everywhere together, but I knew culture would play a great part in this. I’m so pleased with the workmanship on this album! Enjoy!

Angela Hunte
Angela Hunte "The Songwriter"

Empire State of Mind

"Empire State of Mind" was a critical and commercial success worldwide. It was included in multiple critics' Top 10 lists of the best songs of 2009, notably Rolling Stone and The New York Times. It was also nominated for three Grammy Awards, winning Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

“This song will live with me forever and I’m so proud of that. One of the funniest moments was not even knowing this record was as big as it was. I was eating dinner in New York City on a rooftop and all you could hear was the song blasting out of cars. People screaming NYC I remember having to turn my phone off as it was ringing off the hook and saying to myself what the hell is going on?” -- Angela

Party Done

"Party Done" was released for the Trinidad Carnival in 2015 and performed alongside the Trinidadian Soca legend Machel Montano.

Angela, very pregnant at the time was struggling to breathe air trying to prove that she could sing and did not need to be at home. She was grumpy, tired, and the contractions were coming and going but DJ Buddha wanted her to do this song. She walked into the room and laid down the quickest angry verse!

“Gyal and dem dey ah rush me what de hell is that when u see me in the place party done!”  And an Anthem was born!

Do Something

Sung by Britney Spears from her first greatest hits compilation, “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative.” "Do Somethin'" is a dance-pop song with using electric guitars. The song is about having a good time and not caring about other people's judgment.

"Do Somethin’” landed on the coveted Billboard Hot 100. It was successful worldwide, reaching Top Ten positions in a number of countries including Australia, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It was received well by critics and fans alike.

“This record changed my career. I actually was writing this for someone else. Things took a turn and before I knew it I was on a flight to New York City from Sweden to record Britney. I couldn’t believe it as she walked into the room. Her body was insane. Her manners where impeccable and she knocked that song on its ass!” -- Angela

Angela's beat goes on!